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Accessibility: Keyboarding

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This is the first article in a short series about the different components of AXElements. AXElements has been rewritten to be much more modular and now various components may be used individually. The keyboard event generator was the first component to be polished and released as its own gem.

jiraSOAP 0.9

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A couple of weeks ago I released version 0.9 of the jiraSOAP gem. jiraSOAP 0.9 is a milestone release for a few reasons, namely stability and motivation. Stability, I think, is a reflection of my journey from knowing little Ruby to being to pass myself off as knowing a thing or two. This blog is about an adventure I had with developing jiraSOAP.


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My first blog post. Ever.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a few months now, but I could never find a topic that I wanted to publicly write about.


  • announcements of things that I am working on
  • interesting tech that I am playing with
  • topics related to school work

I will probably make a blog post about my jiraSOAP gem in the next few days since I am releasing version 0.9 tonight.

Hopefully I don’t pollute the internet too much.